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Tiger The Open

Tiger Woods 1st Round at The Open

With many question marks about how Tiger Woods would play at this year’s third major at Royal Liverpool, Tiger seemed to shut up critics after the first round firing a -3 (69).  Now let’s not get too carried away, because there is still a lot of golf to play, but let’s take a look at a few things that Tiger did to do so well today…

Composure:  After starting off with bogey, bogey on the first two holes, we all were thinking that it wasn’t going to be a good day for Tiger on the golf course.  However, unlike in recent starts, he bounced back with two pars and a birdie on the next 3 holes and finished with a 3-under back nine 33.  This gave us a little bit of hope that the old Tiger might just be on his way back.

Consistency:  This is where Tiger has struggled as of late is being consistent with his shots.  But he showed up today.  Hitting 71% of the fairways and 77% of greens.  And most of those approach shots were pin-high with a good chance at birdie, which tells you he has a good feel for his distance right now.

Putting:  While it wasn’t fantastic today, it wasn’t too bad either.  He had about the average number of putts per hole as the rest of the field.  But he did show some glimpses of old Tiger making some big putts, especially on the back nine with the string of birdies.

Now I’m not saying Tiger Woods is “back”, but I do feel like he his getting better.  He looked more comfortable and confident today than he has in a long time.  And he also looked more consistent with his shots today and that showed by him being more aggressive throughout the day.  Now the real test will be to see if he can keep this up, and keep it up when the weather gets bad one day this weekend (which it’s bound to happen).  But golf needs this.  They need the “old” Tiger back.  They need some rivalry too.  How awesome would it be to have a Tiger/Phil or a Tiger/Rory final round pairing.  That would be HUGE for the game of golf.  Let’s just see how it all plays out in the days to come… but I’m hoping for some Tiger roars come Sunday.

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