5 New Year’s Golf Resolutions for 2015

The start of the new year always gives us a chance for a fresh start.  We always want to set New Year’s Resolutions to lose weight, save money, or whatever it is that you want to be better at.  But we, as golfers, want to set golf goals in 2015.  Obviously, we could say “improve our score” but doing these goals below will help that.  Below are 5 goals we’ve come up with that you might want to add to your New Year’s Golf Resolutions.

  1. Play More Golf – This one is pretty obvious and probably the most popular, but try and come up with a number of rounds you want to play this year.  Break them down into what weekends or days you might can get a round in.  I recently heard that if you write your goals down and then write down where these goals will take place that your success rate of completing those goals are much higher.  Life is busy but if you find time for something you love, it can put you in better moods and make you happier in the long run.
  2. Walk More Rounds - So this one kind of depends on what course you play and if it’s possible to walk the course.  But try and resist in getting that cart the next time you’re at the course and decide to walk.  Choose days in the spring or fall when the heat is not overbearing.  If you have a large bag or physically can’t carry your bag, go out and buy a push-cart.  I’m sure there are plenty of used ones laying around or on Craigslist.  This is a great goal because not only do you get to play more golf, but you get to knock out your “get in shape” resolution as well.
  3. Play in a Golf Tournament – If you’re a beginner at golf and have never played in a golf tournament, I recommend signing up for a charity golf tournament.  It’s a great way to build fellowship with other golfers, have a fun round of golf, and also give to a good cause at the same time.  Scramble (Best Ball) tournaments are usually the format so you can have a lot of fun out there and always feels good when you contribute to the team.  So check our site out this year and follow us on Twitter and we’ll keep you updated with local charity golf tournaments.
  4. Buy New Club(s) – Have you been wanting or needing a new set of irons, or a new driver, or a new wedge?  Well make this year the year to improve your equipment.  Find out what club(s) you want to purchase and the price and try and set back a little money here and there to save up for it.  Having the right equipment is essential in improving your golf game, so you’ll be amazed at what having the right equipment will do to your game.  If you have a golf instructor, ask him what kind of equipment you need.  If not, we’re not experts by any means, but if you have any questions on what club or clubs to buy just send us a question here or on Twitter or Facebook.
  5. Watch More Golf - As I’ve gotten older and took a step away from golf for a little while, I’ve learned so much just from watching golf on TV and in person.  First, I highly recommend going to a PGA golf tournament in person.  I went to the US Open at Pinehurst this year and it’s truly amazing to see how good those guys are.  But if you can’t make it to a golf tournament, I highly recommend watching them on TV.  I promise that you will learn just from watching.  If you have tried and think it’s “boring” or if it’s just something to watch as you take a nap on Sunday, I suggest starting to follow certain players.  Pick a player you like and follow them on Twitter or Instagram.  I suggest Bubba Watson, he’s always fun to follow.

Those are Tee Box Traditions Golf Resolutions for 2015, but what’s yours?


Passion for Golf

I’m about to turn 28 and in the years where I’m confused about what I want to do with my life/career.  Well, I’ve noticed that I love golf.  Love everything about it.  Playing, watching, whatever.  So why not do something with it.  So that’s what TeeBox Traditions is here for.  Those people that share that same passion for golf with me.

What I want most out of this site is to connect with other golfers and have fun doing it.  I’m a beginner at writing so bare with me, but I hope to have TeeBox Traditions be a valuable resource for all the golfers out there.  Please share with me what you would like to see with a golf blog/site and I’ll do my best to make that work.  For now, let’s connect.  Follow TeeBox Traditions of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and I’ll be sure to keep it updated.  Help me get the word out.

For 2015, I’m wanting to do more golf related things.  It’s one thing to just get out and play, but I want to connect with other golfers and share that love of golf.  I also went to the US Open this year at Pinehurst and want to go to more professional tournaments this year.

What’s your New Year’s Resolutions for Golf in 2015?


3 Quesitons Going into the 2015 Golf Season

OK, I know that the season has technically started but let’s look into 2015.  We learned a lot in 2014.  We learned that Tiger isn’t “back” and isn’t healthy, Rory can dominate, and that Rickie Fowler is a dang good player.  But here’s 3 questions to ask going into this next year’s season…

  1. Tiger’s Health-  I wanted to put “Will Tiger Be ‘Back'” as this headline, but I just want to know if he will even be healthy enough to compete.  We do know that he will play in the 2014 Hero World Challenge coming December 3-7th, so we’ll know more then.  But we all hope and pray that he will be healthy for the whole 2015 season.  There’s just something about seeing Tiger in contention on Sundays that make golf even more exciting.  So let’s hope for a healthy Tiger in 2015.
  2. Rory’s Domination- We can sum up the 2014 season or at least the last half of the season as Rory’s year.  Some have even said it might be one of the best seasons ever, by anyone.  Whether or not you believe it was, he totally dominated.  Not missing a cut and not finishing outside the top 25 in any of his PGA Tour events is beyond impressive.  Also winning 2 majors (The Open and PGA Championship) and earnings totaling over $8.2 million (according to stats).  So as 2015 rolls around, will we see this continuation of dominance from Rory?  We shall see, but he’s definitely got the talent and the experience to be that “next Tiger Woods” golfer that everyone will talk about.
  3. Breakthrough Player- We learned about Jimmy Walker pretty quick in 2014 after he won 3 tournaments (, Sony, AT&T Pebble Beach) all before mid-February.  We also learned that Rickie Fowler can compete and can be consistent after finishing top 5 in all 4 majors this year.  So who will be the breakthrough player in 2015?

What’s your questions/answers for this next year’s season?  Do you think Tiger will be able to compete?  Will Rory dominate?  And who’s your breakthrough player for 2015?  We’d love to hear your responses!

Tiger The Open

Tiger Woods 1st Round at The Open

With many question marks about how Tiger Woods would play at this year’s third major at Royal Liverpool, Tiger seemed to shut up critics after the first round firing a -3 (69).  Now let’s not get too carried away, because there is still a lot of golf to play, but let’s take a look at a few things that Tiger did to do so well today…

Composure:  After starting off with bogey, bogey on the first two holes, we all were thinking that it wasn’t going to be a good day for Tiger on the golf course.  However, unlike in recent starts, he bounced back with two pars and a birdie on the next 3 holes and finished with a 3-under back nine 33.  This gave us a little bit of hope that the old Tiger might just be on his way back.

Consistency:  This is where Tiger has struggled as of late is being consistent with his shots.  But he showed up today.  Hitting 71% of the fairways and 77% of greens.  And most of those approach shots were pin-high with a good chance at birdie, which tells you he has a good feel for his distance right now.

Putting:  While it wasn’t fantastic today, it wasn’t too bad either.  He had about the average number of putts per hole as the rest of the field.  But he did show some glimpses of old Tiger making some big putts, especially on the back nine with the string of birdies.

Now I’m not saying Tiger Woods is “back”, but I do feel like he his getting better.  He looked more comfortable and confident today than he has in a long time.  And he also looked more consistent with his shots today and that showed by him being more aggressive throughout the day.  Now the real test will be to see if he can keep this up, and keep it up when the weather gets bad one day this weekend (which it’s bound to happen).  But golf needs this.  They need the “old” Tiger back.  They need some rivalry too.  How awesome would it be to have a Tiger/Phil or a Tiger/Rory final round pairing.  That would be HUGE for the game of golf.  Let’s just see how it all plays out in the days to come… but I’m hoping for some Tiger roars come Sunday.

Tee Box Profile1

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Sharing the Passion for Golf