3 Quesitons Going into the 2015 Golf Season

OK, I know that the season has technically started but let’s look into 2015.  We learned a lot in 2014.  We learned that Tiger isn’t “back” and isn’t healthy, Rory can dominate, and that Rickie Fowler is a dang good player.  But here’s 3 questions to ask going into this next year’s season…

  1. Tiger’s Health-  I wanted to put “Will Tiger Be ‘Back'” as this headline, but I just want to know if he will even be healthy enough to compete.  We do know that he will play in the 2014 Hero World Challenge coming December 3-7th, so we’ll know more then.  But we all hope and pray that he will be healthy for the whole 2015 season.  There’s just something about seeing Tiger in contention on Sundays that make golf even more exciting.  So let’s hope for a healthy Tiger in 2015.
  2. Rory’s Domination- We can sum up the 2014 season or at least the last half of the season as Rory’s year.  Some have even said it might be one of the best seasons ever, by anyone.  Whether or not you believe it was, he totally dominated.  Not missing a cut and not finishing outside the top 25 in any of his PGA Tour events is beyond impressive.  Also winning 2 majors (The Open and PGA Championship) and earnings totaling over $8.2 million (according to pgatour.com stats).  So as 2015 rolls around, will we see this continuation of dominance from Rory?  We shall see, but he’s definitely got the talent and the experience to be that “next Tiger Woods” golfer that everyone will talk about.
  3. Breakthrough Player- We learned about Jimmy Walker pretty quick in 2014 after he won 3 tournaments (Frys.com, Sony, AT&T Pebble Beach) all before mid-February.  We also learned that Rickie Fowler can compete and can be consistent after finishing top 5 in all 4 majors this year.  So who will be the breakthrough player in 2015?

What’s your questions/answers for this next year’s season?  Do you think Tiger will be able to compete?  Will Rory dominate?  And who’s your breakthrough player for 2015?  We’d love to hear your responses!

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