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Welcome to Tee Box Traditions!

Tee Box Traditions is just simply a site to come to find out golf news, tips, and other valuable information for any golfer or golf fan.  Our mission is to help grow the game of golf and make it fun while doing it!  We want beginner golfers to be able to come here to talk to other golfers on how to get started in golf.  Whether it’s about what clubs to buy or what courses to play, we want to be the helpful link for those beginner golfers.  We also want to build an online community for golfers of all kind (beginner to scratch).

We’re BRAND NEW so we want you to help us get the word out about our new site!  We will be upgrading and adding new and helpful pages to our website as the time comes, but in the meantime why don’t you check out our site.  If you have any helpful tips or what you would like to see from a golf site, then please email Matt at teeboxtraditions@gmail.com.

Tee Box Traditions also wants to connect with the local golf communities and we are located in the greater Knoxville area in beautiful East Tennessee.  We want to be a helpful resource for all golfers that live in East TN or are traveling through here.  Whether its what courses to play or what charity golf tournament is coming up, we want to be there for the local golfers.

So please take a look around the site and help get the word out about Tee Box Traditions!  Thanks for joining us in helping the game of golf grow!

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